Last Post, GLHF on this amazing server

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Last Post, GLHF on this amazing server

Post by Moyu »

Hello friends!

Some stuff made us realize it's time to move on. This has been our little private haven for so long and we're thankful for the unusually long period of joy and harmony.

We wish everyone a pleasant and positive gaming experience = )

We've had a blast playing on this server since January. It started with one dude waiting for Offical HC servers and we ended up with 25+ people and many alts at one point. It's a fantastic server with equally fantastic people taking care of it and its players.

We've met tons of friendly and loving people and some of whom we're now IRL friends with, älskar er alla underbara = ) (love all you wonderful people / Swedish)

After two months we created a guild called The Culling that housed mostly swedes but with some other nationalities as well, everyone was welcomed in with two rules: No demands & no bad behavior. We had a magical atmosphere for many months. We've had a ton of fun playing with each other thanks to the Solocraft server making it possible. No other server has what you offer which was the exact thing we wanted after being sorely disappointment with "WoW Classic". Some even played for months and still play purely Solo both in- and outside of the guild; they enjoy the freedom and complete neutrality the bots as to offer. There are no conflicts, no negativity, no ninja pulls ;) Well sometimes but that's beside the point!

This has been an overall very pleasant experience as many of us never got to "complete" the 2004 WoW end-games and Rank 14s. Now, we have. Thanks to all that hard work Solo & Midas put into the game we've seen each and every problem get solved and each time a forum post said "X Boss now confirmed soloable" we rejoiced! Together we managed to aquire all the items from Sulfuras to Thunderfury and almost Atiesh (he got burnt out farming Naxx @ 35 pieces lol). We explored the entirety of the game and had a blast both together and solo. Finding and killing the world bosses felt epic and with much less frustration than having to deal with 3 other guilds griefing your every attempt.

Towards the end many of us played what we started to call phase-by-phase which was a nice re-visit of the experience from 2004. The game only offers so much after x amounts of BiS chars with all profs... I recommend everyone trying phase-by-phase at least once. You do all dungeons and tiers in order. If you enjoy PvP you can do 1 battleground between each dungeon run to stop the gameplay from becoming too repetitive. It's very satisfying to feel each upgrade = ) And if you're unlucky loot-wise you'll end up getting highier PvP rank and might even get rank 14 before hitting those last T3 and off-set pieces!

During all of this there has ofc been some toxic players whose behavior has been ranging from illegal, inappropriate and overall hostile/toxic. We started to pick up on a few people making alt-accounts as well as just alt-chars to keep this harassment going and it led to several members quitting from back in may to present time. Some made do turning off all chat options but most of us kept some chat intact for good and bad.

Most of us are dads or moms in our 30s-40s and some of the language that we received while playing has been shocking. Comments that were racist, homophobic or in other ways vile began circulating more and more as the server-pop grew. Words carry meaning to people; you may think that saying things you'd never say in person isn't changing you but it is.
Many of us have been gamers for over 25 years now and we were annoying, trolling and toxic gamers too when we were 15 years old. What you say and do define you; it doesn't matter if it's in a game chat, internet forum, email, sms, letter or in person.

I hope you take our advice to heart and you too will feel much better and affect others positively too. Negative gaming is a ugly thing that's all to similar to addiction. Enjoy your lives while they're young and healthy. Don't let negative thoughts and words color who you are. Everyone has a negative side but with respect and some self control we can keep them from rearing their ugly heads =)

We have done our best to contribute as much as possible through forums and bug-reporting to improve the game; the dialogue with admins has been great. Kudos. Having read all posts on here since Jan I know it hasn't been easy :ugeek:

To summarize: we will remember the many joyous experiences this project bestowed upon us before the negativity runs any deeper we'll say our goodbyes to this wonderful project you guys on Solocraft created for us gamers.

Thank you, Solo & Midas and congratulations on this wonderful project.

We thank you! <3

Big hugs to Saigyou, Durtyiron, Sill, Zugmar, Vandramio, Opek, Ostion, Truust, Kang, Gnomeritis, Shagul, Hrist, Blazer and everyone else, you made these 8 months special just by being you. To all the swedes, vi ses offline! (we'll see you offline)


Re: Last Post, GLHF on this amazing server

Post by Midas »

We are sad to see you leave, but in the same moment, we are glad you were enjoying the project and what was made out of it.

When it comes to harassment and insulting, we are sorry that was able to move under the radar, because we do our best to stop any type of in-game vulgarity and harassment. But sometimes we simply need players assistance in order to punish people that break the rules. Reminder to everyone that reads this post, make sure, when someone insults you, to take a proof of it (video or screenshot) and send it to me, so we can deal with it.

Once again, we wish you all the best in the future, and you are always welcome to come back and enjoy your stay with us!
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