Proposed Ahn'Quiraj Changes/Nerfs

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Proposed Ahn'Quiraj Changes/Nerfs

Post by Opek »

With the current state of AQ40 with bots, Only the first 4 bosses are possible. The changes I'm suggesting would in my mind keep the original mechanics of the current impossible fights and improve the chances of us actually killing these bosses with the bots as they are without having to add in any nature resist gear/buffs, or new bots to the panel.

Have bots use Greater Nature Protection Potions in Ahn'Quiraj (similar to how they equip Onyxia Scale Cloak in BWL)

Viscidus- Reduce the amount if time it takes to get through the freeze phase

Princess Huhuran - Reduce her amount of poison bolt targets from 15 to 10. Lower berserk trigger from 30% to 20%hp

Twin Emperors - Make them tauntable, Increase teleport timer to 1m 30s, Reduce healing from 30000 to 5000

Ouro - Increase the time between quake pulses from 1 second to 3 seconds

C'thun - Eye beam currently does over 1 million damage
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Re: Proposed Ahn'Quiraj Changes/Nerfs

Post by Solo »

Will be tested soon again. I will try keep them blizzlike as possible.
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