PVP Ranks/Gear for Bots

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PVP Ranks/Gear for Bots

Post by Moyu »

I love how BG's have bots with different levels, gear etc. It's a fantastic addition to the server.

My suggestion for further improvement to the server would be to add ranks and respective PVP-gear to BG-bots. This would create some bots with PVE gear and others (higher ranked lvl 60 bots) with PVP gear.

With bots having different ranks ranging from rank 1 to 13 they could have full PVP-sets which IMO would greatly improve the gameplay experience. Different ranks would also reward the player with varying amounts of honor points related to the bots respective rank. This would contribute to a better BG experience where every bot will appear more individualistic.

Below is an example of how this could be structured around Alterac Valley battlegrounds.

Min/Max 40 bots (Bots below lvl 60 could only be ranked 6 or lower due to lvl req // Lvl 60 bots can have all ranks)
Rank 1: 6-7 bots
Rank 2: 5-7 bots
Rank 3: 4-5 bots
Rank 4: 4-5 bots
Rank 5: 4-5 bots
Rank 6. 3-5 bots
Rank 7: 3-5 bots
Rank 8: 3-4 bots
Rank 9: 3-4 bots
Rank 10: 2-4
Rank 11: 2-3
Rank 12: 1-2
Rank 13: 0-2

In my example an AV would have a minimum of two rank 10 bots and a maximum of 4, allowing the variance of 3 bots.
There could also be a AV without any rank 13 bots, or a maximum of 2.
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