Some bot suggestions

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Some bot suggestions

Post by Rekojet »


Here are some suggestions concerning bots.

- Add the possibility to choose race and gender of the bots.

- Summoning a melee dps shaman always spawns either a healer or a range dps. Can you change that ?

- Add the possibility to force bots to use certain spells.

For example, shamans and paladins uses random totems and blessings. I know we can always kick and summon them again until we obtain those that we need, but I think it would be way more convenient and less time consumming this way. Why not adding an option in the PCP addon to choose the 4 totems that the shamans will use ? Same for the blessings and auras or the warlock pets.

An issue caused by this is that the shamans sometimes use Tranquil Air Totem while being in the same group as the tanks.
As I barelly played alliance, I have no idea if there is the same issue with Blessing of Salvation.

I think that such improvements could really improve life quality on the server and make a difference in the long run.

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Re: Some bot suggestions

Post by anubis88 »

That would be great to make us able to decide wich blessing/totem style our paladins and shamans use (not every single totem but caster boost/melee boost/mitigation/regen etc...) thx
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Re: Some bot suggestions

Post by Bordozo »

Big yes on totem and blessing changes. I gave up playing horde even though it's what I wanted because the shamans were so brain dead with their totems it became frustrating. While paladins have some weird behavior with blessings and auras too, it's far less frustrating to work them into doing what you want.