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Hello everyone, its Kang/Felony. First of all, sorry for my average english, its not my mother tongue.

I have been playing on this server for 4 months and still enjoy it so far. I experienced almost everything Solocraft has to offer and got a few suggestions how to improve it. I have been convinced by Opek to do suggestions about pvp, so here I am.

I dont have any suggestion about how pve works on Solocraft, I think it works well as it is. But I realised after a few months playing that a lot of players grind to max level with a toon or two, clean all the content they can (you can get full T3 in a week or two) and then leave the server. I think the main reason is that clearing raids with bots is funny for the first ten or twenty times, but gets too repetitive to make players stay by its own.

My suggestions, overall, would be, in my opinion, a good way to make people stay longer on Solocraft, since getting the pvp gear is way longer than the pve gear, and way more fun to get. I add that im a big fan of twinking, and I've met a few players on Solocraft who like it too, and I think since you allow disabled xp and fill every bracket with bots, then twinking should be easier compared to what it is today.


-WARSONG GULCH : THE FLAG CARRIER WANTS TO FIGHT BACK WHEN TARGETED BY ENNEMY PLAYER/BOT, EVEN IF THE ENNEMY IS 80 YARDS BEHIND HIM. Prevent him to do this and make him trying to cap as fast as possible. It will make WG more fluid and less frustrating for new players (hello Asclad). edit : Another issue is the bot walljumping to GY but it makes the battleground a bit harder, so it might be fine for several players

-ARATHI BASIN : no main issue about arathi, it works well, but it has the same issue than WARSONG GULCH, bots may follow you anywhere when targeted and you can kite 10 of them on your mount accross the BG. It is probably the only thing I would change in AB. Edit : Sometimes, you are not able to cap a base, you can not click the flag. It happened to all players that went to AB many times. (Idk why it happens but in my opinion it is related to a base not being fully caped at the beginning, like : caped by horde, then alliance before horde gets it, and then horde player cant cap it anymore until a bot do it, but actually I dont really know why).

-ALTERAC VALLEY : probably the hardest bg to win for new players, but I managed to win every AV I joined with my horde and alliance character. Being a full bis rogue probably helps for alliance side, since the alliance bots pathfinding in horde base do not work very well, they struggle to get through, while horde rush very quickly. A GOOD WAY TO MAKE IT EASIER WOULD BE TO PREVENT BOTS TO RECAP TOWERS/BUNKERS/GY. An easier way would be to REMOVE the stormpike/frostwolf trinket from bots, so they dont teleport to their base to recap everything. Since you can hardly handle it as a rogue or mage or hunter, it becomes pretty impossible to do for a class like warrior to deal with both bots and npc. And warrior is the most popular class of Solocraft.

-AH GEAR : THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART TO CONSIDER. Actually, bots fill the AH with tons of useless weapons. By useless, I mean some of them might be bought at early levels, but most of the time they remain unbought. There is an unbalance between weapons and armors on the AH, since armors are only filled by players, and the server has low population. My suggestion would be to make bots create armor auctions like they do with weapons. And it would be great to add blue and epic armors and weapons aswell on the AH, because actually, getting those is pretty impossible unless you want to grind random mobs for days of /played or check AH everyday for a year. On any "blizzlike" classic server, you would see those blue items regularly on the AH. I can make a comprehensive list of all the BIS BOE items needed for all level brackets. Actually being the only human on a full bg of bots means you need a good gear to influence it, so you manage to 1v3 them sometimes, so being able to get a good gear from AH would be nice to accomplish this.

-DUNGEON SET 2 : Ranking is what makes people stay on the server for months. As a 59 twink (wich I think is one of the most enjoyable bracket), you can grind all the way to rank 14. I would suggest to reduce the level requirement to open the dungeon 2 chest from the store to 58, since the dungeon 2 quest can be completed at this level.

-ZG QUESTS : On official classic servers, every single quest related to ZG requires level 58 to be completed. My suggestion would be to improve 59 twinking by reducing all ZG quests level requirement from lvl 60 to 58 as it is supposed to be on classic. PROOF :
I might make two guides "How to make a 59 twink on Solocraft" and "How to stay on Solocraft" later btw :D

Thank you for reading this long post, hope you share my opinion, sorry again for my english, and I invite you guys to react to my suggestions on the comments section.


Edit : added some other stuff that may need fixes after talking with other players.
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+1 to all of those suggestions.
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exelent post if those suggestions are implemented that would be a big plus in the bg area
also something i didnt see post here and i notice on the time im been doing pvp like 5hrs a day for like 5 days a week for 4 months
is that sometimes
-In WS the bot that have the flags walk uphill to the GY area and then he turn around and go down then go up again to the GYlike 4-5 times in a row and that is enogh time for the oposite faction bots to catch up to the flag carrier and then happend what susgested on this post when the flag carrier is targeted by a enemy bot
-in AB there is a bug sometimes that a flag captured by the enemy faction cant be captured by a player since clicking on the flags does nothing until friendly bot come and they capture it

for everything else this post do a great job at explaining it
great work
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Great suggestions - I agree with them all :)
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All great suggestions. I have noticed everything stated. AH being flooded with your typical items would be great too.
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Great suggestions
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Agree with everything here
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Thanks for the suggestions. In the future, kindly consider opening a separate topic for each suggestion, as outlined in the post here: viewtopic.php?t=376

Right now, the Dungeon 2 Sets and Zul'Gurub Quests requirements are reduced to level 58.

The AH will be updated soon with new items.

I'll think about the suggestion regarding the Warsong Gulch (WSG) flag carrier and examine the issue related to walljumping to the GY.