Ingame Rules

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Ingame Rules

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  • Using any 3rd party software(s) to modify your gameplay such as Speed/Fly/Teleport Hack will lead into permanent account ban.
  • Multiboxing is allowed in PvE only (you are not allowed to use third party software to control them). You are not allowed to multibox in any PvP situation.

  • Racism/Discriminatory Behavior: Insulting someone's country, culture, lifestyle or skincolor is not allowed.
  • Advertising: Do not announce other server names anywhere, be it via whisper, guild chat or any global channels.
  • Advertising other servers, sites, hacking programs or 3rdparty programs etc. is highly forbidden.
  • Acquiring someone's items or gold by missinformation or fraud is not tolerated.
  • Donor Bashing: The act of donating or the fact donors exist shouldn't be insulted or attacked you are playing on a free server because of them. Also, Donators CAN be punished for donor bashing.
  • Character names which are referencing inappropriate explicit matters: extremism, sexism, racism, mocking certain groups of the people are forbidden.
  • Disrupting gameplay: Using minor exploits or poorly designed parts of game mechanics to noticably interfere with other players gameplay. This does not include playing according to game mechanics and game design like corpse camping in PvP enabled zones, which is not punishable.

  • Avoiding the AFK kick mechanism in Battlegrounds: Using bots or anything else to keep you from being kicked by our antiafk system is not allowed.
  • Exploiting skills: If certain skills/spells can be used in an unusual way to exploit and create an unfair advantage over other players, avoid doing so.
  • Exploiting a boss: Boss X can't hit you and you can basically kill it due to some odd position.
  • Selling boss loot to players from outside of the original raid: Do not invite players to the raid, after the boss has been downed, only to get loot in exchange of anything.
  • Other smaller Exploits such as: leaving BG starter area before it starts. anything else that gives you advantage over others that abuse the normal system. The use of bots (which includes fishing bots).
  • Honor Exploit: Allowing someone to kill you or let you kill his/her toon to get Honor points in locations where it can be done fast and deliberately is not allowed.
  • Wintrading: Arranged battles in order to profit of its prizes is highly forbidden leading to bans.

  • Only official SoloCraft website which allows donations can be used to purchase services via Donation Points.
  • We don't use other sites, forums, chats (Discord) and we don't offer free Donation Points on random websites because a fake said so.
  • We don't allow any trade of virtual goods for real money be it through forum, chats, game or via 3rdparty softwares.

  • Account Trading or selling is strictly forbidden.
  • Selling or buying Donation Points as Gifting is not allowed.

  • Staff/Server Disrespect: Disrespecting the server or a Staff Member will result in a permanent ban.
  • Staff Impersonation: Pretending to be a Staff Member either to scam or threat someone is absolutely forbidden.
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