Naxxramas Changes/Nerfs

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Naxxramas Changes/Nerfs

Post by Opek »

Grand Widow - Reduce amount of adds and nerf add abilities

Noth - Increase curse of the plaguebringer time from 10 to 20 seconds or make mages/druids prioritize decurses more

Heigan - Lower Decrepit Fever damage from 500 too 250, change hp reduced from 50% to 25%

Loatheb - Reduce Spore HP, Lower inevitable doom damage from 2550 to 1750

Gothik - Have dead side mobs only have 1hp or die instantly, currently impossible with 1 player to do mechanic

4 Horsemen - This is going to be alot of work

Grobbulus - Remove Mutating Injection

Gluth - Remove zombie mechanic or reduce healing of gluths "devour zombie"

Thaddius - I think only viable thing would be to remove the polarities

I think we shouldn't worry about Sapphiron And Kel'Thuzad until all the wings are possible
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Re: Naxxramas Changes/Nerfs

Post by Botwowcraft »

I got nothing to say for Grand Widow.

Noth. increasing time for it to happen would be nice. bots tend to decurse LAST second sometimes...

Heigan... disease is a bit aids. reducing damage would be nice.

Loatheb...... HEALBOT. This one seems possible to do without nerfs. but it's VERY questionable... Spores can almost be 1 shot so i wouldnt think that needs changing. Doom ok nerf damage down a bit. as for the boss itself... Corrupted Mind is a 1 min basic PAUSE on heals. making healers useless. maybe, if possible, reduce from 1 min to 30 seconds? gives them a chance to keep tanks up. as stated its very questionable. if this one needs anything nerfed down.

Gothik! as i like to say the afk boss. I wouldnt say make the mobs have no hp. or die instantly. Maybe reduce the amount of waves? (dunno how many but be reasonable) I've tried a few times solo its.... difficult. (loot wise hes sort of pointless as of right now)

Grobbulus. Agreed on injection. Aoe clouds on ground maybe reduce how much it deals? Or. Just keep moving

Doggy. Idk what to say on this one. Each chow gives 5% TOTAL life back. so you sorta cant just burn it. seems possible to but ya cant. Either remove that mechanic. OR reduce how much it heals. Decimate basically NUKES the party to what.. 5%? no change there.

LEFT SIDE ---- RIGHT SIDE ++++ (thaddius) Not gonna lie. That sorta seems like the only optional thing to do remove the polarity. Boss berserks at 6 min mark. he has 2M more hp then patchwerk. My only guess is... well. Keep the polarity. BUT remove the (stand with the correct polarity part) bots wont have the dps to kill it. or they might i cant say. cant get to him anyways.

Behold... The Horsemen...
The ACTUAL impossible boss. (until we get to Dragon and Kel) (kel being the litteral impossible)
Not much can be said. the mechanics of this fight. cannot and i mean cannot be cheese or burnt. Ive pulled it once.
Each Horsemen has its own thing...

Thane Korth'azz (has a meteor) Basically stack up (REFER to the Anubisath guys in AQ40/20) and his Respective Stacking Mark.
Lady Blaumeux ( Its a void zone on the ground. take a stick of dynamite and act as if your to toss it on the ground) thats how big the radius is. e.a. dont stand in it. Respective Stacking Mark.
Sir Zeliek. ( Sir 1 shots, Sir Quit playing cuz YA.) Holy Wrath. (100) YES 100 Yard range spell. (Holy Wrath) it jumps. it hurts. Deals double damage everytime it hits a new target. E.a. if no one is near him IT WILL basically do what the gnomergan helmet does to the raid. Respective Stacking Mark. Nuff said.
The Ashbringer... Over Exaggerated here. (litteral Patchwerk on a horse) No there isnt a hateful strike. He hits like a shit brick. Righteous Fire Frontal Cone is a DOT. CANNOT be avoided. (least i assume fire resistance helps ease off damage. Hits for 4800 over 8 seconds.) Respective Stacking Mark.

The first stack will not do any damage. The second will do 500 Shadow damage. The third - 1,500. Fourth - 4,000. Fifth - 12,500. Sixth - 20,000. Seventh - 21,000. Every stack after the seventh will do a 1,000 more than the previous one.

Stacks will go up to 99. (basically berserk / your not alive pal.)
The damage from the Marks cannot be resisted, but the actual application of a Mark can.
Marks are applied to everybody within 45 yards range of the Horseman.
All 4 horsemen will shield wall at 50% hp and 20% hp for 20 seconds.
Marks cannot be removed. (ice block Bubble. Intervention Flask)

Basically to kill this boss. How i would see it is this. NERF it beyond thru the ground.
Jokingly Respectively. Just remove the fight put the loot box on the ground call it done.

Or... option b. (nerf down ALL of the marks.) to something appropriate.

Sir Zeliek (remove holy wrath OR reduce damage (how that is to work idk Cthun Chain Laser is removed Sorta the same thing since it doubles in damage for each target it jumps to.) so maybe treat it like that? (Tank and Spank)
Blaumeux is fine.
Thane (reduce meteor damage) (Tank and Spank)
Ashbringer. Reduce Damage from Righteous Fire. or remove. (tank and spank)

Sapphiron. To be determined.
Kel. To be determined.
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Re: Naxxramas Changes/Nerfs

Post by Solo »

Thank you for the suggestions, I will start on them now and will try keep them blizzlike as possible.

Update: everything is tested and several changes were made. See changelog for more info.