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Hey friends i’m new to the server and bought the vip status for my account. Is there a leveling guide I can follow to reach 60 quick? I never played classic, I only started in cataclysm so any leveling guide or path would be amazing. Thank you :)
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Re: Leveling

Post by Axcel589 »

Hey Elliot,

Welcome! There are a couple of tips & tricks to leveling fast but with your new 5X experience rate, you can really do anything your heart desires - it's all fast!

Every dungeon allows 10 bots, but I hear it's still best to do them with 5. Questing is insanely easy and a way you can gain some levels while watching some shows on the other monitor.

Late-game, I hear AV can yield great experience.

If all else fails you can do what I did and just pay the extra $10.00 to get instant 60. You don't need fancy gear to start raiding.

Happy gaming!
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